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Trendyadventurer.com is owned and operated by Trendy Adventurer Co., Ltd. This Agreement describes the terms and conditions applicable to all services available through this site. By accessing any areas and/or using any services of this site, you agree to be legally bound without limitation, qualification, or change.

The terms and conditions in this agreement may be subject to change. Trendy Adventurer reserves the right to update or alter these terms and conditions at any time by posting the updated terms on this site. We recommend reading the terms and conditions each time before using our website. Additional terms may apply to hotel and flight booking.

Please note, persons under the age of 18 are not eligible any services provided by Trendy Adventurer including, not limited to, website content, registration, travel plan booking, change, or cancellation.  

1. Your purchase

A. Package Component

The price for booking the train only covers the train ticket. Additional services such as food and drinks service on the train, snack service and baggage porter service at the station can be purchased at your own expenses

Prices are calculated on the basis of a twin-bed room at a per night rate, unless otherwise noted. In most cases, your reserved room will be available by 11am on your check-in date, and must be vacated by noon on your checkout date. Breakfast buffet is usually included but different hotels may vary. Please read the offer carefully and contact us to confirm details.

Upon your arrival to the hotel, a deposit will be requested. This deposit is not included in your purchase on www.trendyadventurer.com. You are also responsible for any personal expenses (e.g. room service, minibar, snacks, laundry, phone calls, etc.) during your stay in the hotel. Late arrival/departure may cause additional charges at your own cost.

a. Private tours

Package includes (exceptions may apply):

Package DOES NOT include (exceptions may apply):

b. Group Tours

The package includes (exceptions may apply):

The package DOES NOT include (exceptions may apply):

*For all packages, rates for children can be given upon request.

B. Description of our services

If you book a private tour designed by Trendy Adventurer, the guides and transportation services are reserved for you, your group, your family and your friends ONLY. No other participants are included in the tour with your group. If you choose a bus tour (sit-in-coach tour), then you will share the bus and the tour guide with other participants who have also reserved their services.

The prices of tickets to the tourist sites mentioned in the program are based on the current year’s prices, which may be subject to change.

If you booked a hotel, a western breakfast is usually included. In remote areas, however, only Chinese breakfast is available.

If Chinese meals are included in the travel plan, lunch or dinner, it will be served with a glass of soft drink.

An English-speaking guide will accompany you for the majority of your travel, except for some remote areas where there is only Chinese-speaking guide available. Guide service is automatically included in your travel package unless requested otherwise.

Please note that all shuttle service for airports, train stations, hotels and various tourist sites are scheduled based on your travel plan as booked. Any extra transportation fee due to your change of schedule, such as early departure, will be on your own cost.

The price of the hotel accommodation is for a standard twin-bed room. Upon additional request, a single room can be arranged with extra charges.

The price of economy class tickets for domestic flights will be mentioned in the itinerary. Airport construction fee and fuel taxes are included in your purchase. Upgrade to business class or first class is available upon request. Please note the availability and cancellation insurance of your selected airline may vary.

Service fees and government taxes included in your purchase are imposed by each city, not by Trendy Adventurer.

C. Price Increase

TA reserves the right to make price changes according to the change of transportation cost (e.g. increase in fuel prices), new taxes required, increased taxes (e.g. airport taxes), changes in exchange rates and value-added tax. Please note, if you don’t make the payment right away, the price may change and will be calculated on a real-time basis upon our receipt of your payment.

2. Cancellation and refund

We understand that there is always a change of plan. If unfortunately you have to cancel a reservation, we would appreciate a handwritten request from you at your earliest convenience. Once we receive your cancellation request, a refund will be made within 14 days. However, a cancellation fee may apply. Cancellation fee varies among different services, and will be deducted directly from your payment. The following content explains this matter in great detail.

Please note that Trendy Adventure is NOT responsible for any flight delays or cancellations due to an act or omission of the airline company or an act of God. A refund for any cancellation of the following travel services in China is NOT available either. Should you have any questions regarding our cancellation and refund policy, please contact us for assistance.

A. Service fee

Once a reservation is made, service fee will be included automatically. If you wish to cancel your reservation, a cancellation fee may apply. The cancellation fee is not only for the loss of services reserved, tourist attractions tickets and activities, but also for the services of the guides, drivers and agencies that were to designate. Cancellation fee is calculated based on how many days in advance (prior to the start of your reserved services) you make the cancellation. Specifics as below:

A refund is not available for bookings that are already in progress, neither for services missed due to clients’ late arrival or early departure. Should you have any emergency situations (e.g. family emergency, sudden illness), please contact our customer service and we will make arrangements for you at our best ability. If you’d like to postpone your travel plan with us, you could simply send us your request along with the supporting documents for your situation.

B. Flights

If you have authorized us to book your flights, please feel free to check with your trip advisor regarding the cancellation and refund policy. Not only it varies among different airlines, some cheaper flight tickets might be non-refundable. Different regulations usually apply to the flights from Mainland China to Hong Kong as well. If your flight booking is not through us, we recommend you to read the "terms and conditions" for different flights carefully before booking.

Cancellation insurance for domestic flights will not be automatically included in your booking. However, such insurance can be purchased upon request. If you would like a better policy on cancellation and refund and wish to purchase cancellation insurance, we would love to assist you on that.  

C. Train tickets

If your train tickets have already been issued, it is very complicated to request a cancellation, especially for foreigners. We will do our best and make any arrangement possible; however, a cancellation fee may apply. Based on how far in advance you request for a cancellation, the cancellation fee can be calculated as below:

These terms are affective to domestic trains in Mainland China ONLY. Special cancellation policy may apply to trains for Hong Kong. If you have concerns regarding this matter, we recommend you confirm with your trip advisor before making a reservation.  

D. Hotels

Booking for standard hotels through Trendy Adventurer can be cancelled upon request, but a cancellation fee may apply. Based on how many days in advance a cancellation request is made, your cancellation fee can be calculated as below:

If you book B&Bs or guesthouses, cancellation and/or refund are unlikely to be available. Nevertheless, we will try our best to contact the landlord or business owners to get your refund partially or in its entirety.

3. Modification of travel plan

A. If you decide to change your travel plan

Before a reservation is made, any change of travel plan (e.g. tourist attractions, daily schedule, choice of hotel, etc.) can be made upon request without any additional service fee. However, please confirm with your trip advisor regarding the possibility of your desired change, as some changes may not be available.

If you wish to change your travel plan after a reservation is made, we promise to do our best on making any possible arrangement for you. However, since most services are scheduled weeks in advance, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be met. In addition, the price difference for the change of travel plan will be at your own cost.

B. If we have to change your route

We wish to stick with your original travel plan as much as you do, but sometimes necessary change need to be made, as there are a lot of factors that we have to take into account.

For the occurrence of extreme weather, new government restraints, terrorism or disease breakout, that are beyond our control, we are obligated to modify your travel plan accordingly. If such modification causes too big of a price difference, we will ask for your acceptance to proceed forward or cancel the travel.

If illness happens during your travel, we are obligated to make certain arrangements or changes as well. Trendy Adventurer reserves the right to adjust your itinerary for changes beyond our control.

C. Transfer of your travel

You can transfer your travel plan to someone else if you are unable to make it yourself, with no “transfer fee”. However, he or she must have documents needed for certain travel plan (i.e. permit, visa, passport, etc.). Please inform us with such situation at your earliest convenience so we could make some necessary arrangements accordingly.

4. Payment

5. Claims

Should you have any suggestions or concerns regarding your travel, please communicate with your trip advisor and/or local guide directly so we could make arrangements for you accordingly with no delay.

If you are still unsatisfied with our services and wish to make a complaint or request compensation, please send us a letter describing the situation by mail, fax, or email within 15 days after your trip (the end date). Relevant receipts and/or supporting documents must be enclosed with the letter. Claims made beyond 15 days after the end date of your travel will not be processed.

6. Insurance

Your travel insurance is provided by the Travel Agency’s Liability Insurance, which is directly regulated by the National Tourism Administration of China. This insurance only covers accidents due to any services provided by the travel agency during your travel booked from Trendy Adventure. We recommend you to purchase your own accident insurance for the time spent outside your travel plan. If you use certain types of credit cards to buy flight tickets, travel insurance might be included. Please confirm with your bank agent and make inquiries accordingly.

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