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At Trendy Adventurer, we understand how important your privacy is. As an essential part of our terms & conditions, this privacy policy describes collection, use, disclosure, storage, transfer and processing of your personal data. By agreeing to our terms & conditions, you are considered consenting to all terms in this Privacy Policy. Please note the content of this privacy policy may be subject to change. We recommend you to read the following carefully before using our website.

1. Personal information

Trendy Adventurer (hereafter referred to as TA) respects and protects our usersprivacy. All personal information we collect will NOT be shared to a third party or to the public, with the exceptional circumstances stated below:

• Information sharing with an external service provider for extra services upon users approval

• Upon usersconsent to publicize personal information for more services

• Upon requirement of relevant laws

• If you violate any of our terms and conditions, as determined in our own discretion, your access to our site may be terminated immediately. In addition, your information may be shared to the judicial system and government upon their request.

• TA is not responsible for the loss and/or usage of your personal information caused by hackers and/or due to your own omission to keep the account information safe

• TA is also not responsible for the loss and/or usage of personal information due to your sharing of login name and password with others

2. Trade and visiting information 

To ensure we provide a safe environment for your use, TA collects IP addresses to detect possible security problems. Once confirmed safe, all IP data will be deleted immediately. We also collect visiting information every 24 hours for data analysis, in order to provide better service for our users.

3. Email & Text Services

TA reserves the right to reach to users who have registered or have ordered our services with information including, but not limited to, order information, promotions and special events. You are automatically consenting to this term by registering on our website or using our services. However, subscription can be cancelled in settings page.

4. Security

TA is secured with current and technical safeguard, including using external server for back-up data storage and encrypting our userspasscode. We recommend you to keep your personal information safe and be mindful sharing with others. Once you notice the loss of your personal information, please contact our customer service immediately so we could act accordingly to prevent further damage.

5. External service provider

TA chooses reliable and reputable partners to provide extra information and services. However, the privacy policy of TA will not be affective to the website of our third party suppliers. If you are directed to the website of third party suppliers, please refer to their privacy policy. We highly recommend you to browse their terms & conditions and other information.

6. Age restriction

Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible for any services on our website. If you are under 18, please have your parents or guardians present while using our website.  

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at

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